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Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to color realistic skin with colored pencils...

Colored pencil realism techniques..

Hi friends...
I am uploading one detailed painting below so you can see the details clearly. first watch this painting then we learn about which colored pencils I am using for this painting.

Color Pencil Portraits - How to Shade the Skin...

Now watch the another below pic of the same painting. I am using some BLUE and RED in this painting just for COOL and HOT colors
scheme.. Because of that the painting having a rich look.   

Color Pencil Portraits - How to Shade realistic Skin...

Now we discus about the process of this painting.  Actually in right side picture the starting of this painting. And i work everyday one part of the painting, so i can totally focus on that part only, and I get full satisfied with my work . 

Do the same work everyday so you will not get bored, and your work will become best everyday. 


Last TIP:- for the colored pencil artist make pencils sharped every 10 minutes while working.      

  •  STAEDTLER Wood Colored pencils light-fast colors From Korea, South.

How to Shade realistic Skin..

So this is the total process of this painting.. if you learn something from this painting or want to give some suggestions please comment me.

Thanks for reading this article. If you like this so please share with your art friends.  


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    1. Thank you so much dear... Hope you love my Artwork and articles.


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